1. [09.10.2010 1:02PM] In which I over-do it, go to an Irish concert, drink my first European beer and fall in love with Milka…

    So I screwed up my foot, walking too much ya know, and now I have to limp everywhere which is making it WORSE! I went to an Irish concert last night with Mosi and his family, his parents are pretty cool and I had a blast at the concert. Hearing a bunch of old Irishmen speaking German was kinda funny. There were a couple of times when they played a few songs that had no words and almost as one the entire concert laughed as one, this didn’t take me very many seconds at all to figure out they were all Austrian inside-jokes: they were exceedingly traditional sounding austrian country-side tunes!

    There were a few of the Irish songs I actually recognized and I could start off singing with two or three just from memory! There were several others that were really simple to learn and soon the entire audience was singing along, fairly accented, as I’m sure more than half of the audience only had a rudimentary grasp of english… But they weren’t bad singers!

    And what would an Irish concert in Austria be without beer? It was amazing seeing some people rushing back and forth with a beer in there hand when they looked a bit younger than myself! But of course, the drinking age here is much more relaxed. My first beer so far here was a Guinness, I know, not very Austrian, but I’ve still got 5 months, right? I look at beer as another aspect of the Austrian culture, they are, after all, the second highest consumers of beer in the world (the first being the Czechs, the third being Germany…. Where’s Ireland on this list anyways?!).

    Well, the last thing I’ll say is that while in the U.S. I’ve never been crazy over chocolate… And that’s because I’d never tasted chocolate before I came to Austria! Hershey’s can jump off a cliff, Milka is where it’s AT!

    P.S. Note to self, “Bio-Mais-Chips”, as much as I wished, do NOT taste or feel like Fritos… They taste, in fact, like lightly salted Corn Puffs cereal (or whatever it’s called.) For the rest of my life, I will facepalm anytime I look at Fritos…

    P.P.S. Merci chocolate isn’t anything to laugh at either!

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