1. [09.05.2010 5:07PM] In which I speak gratuitous German, meet a Bosnian for the first time, explore the city and walk up a “hill”…

    Heute, ich-… Already I’ve been speaking a lot of german and the first thing I tried to start to write was in german. Today was the first day Mosi spoke only in german to me (well, it was a lot of german, but we tended to go off in english most of the time). I spoke much, much better (in my mind while I was writing that I was thinking “viel, viel besser” in perfect time as if that’s what I really was writing) but my listening comprehension is going to take a lot of adjusting.

    Something I didn’t mention yesterday, my flatmate (well, both of them, it’s a brother and a sister living in the room next to mine) are both Bosnian and their german has quite a bit of an accent, so communicating with them is going to take…adjustments… (As far as I know, I haven’t met the sister yet so I don’t know if I’ll be able to understand her, haha.)

    Mosi took me around town today, I did lots of walking which my legs are screaming at me about. Thankfully, Graz is fairly small and everything is very close together so we did get to see a lot. We walked up the Schlossberg (meaning Castle Mountain) which is a nice little mountain in the center of the city. I forgot my camera, but I’ll go up there again sometime and take pictures. The view was amazing, I could see all the way to the plains to the south (Mosi said we might actually be seeing Slovenia on the very far horizon) and I could see EVERYTHING in the city. We spent some time pointing out the places we had visited, it was fun. We stopped at a little cafe on the side of the mountain and met his friend Alex there. The whole day has been pretty fun.

    After we got back to the Hauptplatz (the main square basically) Mosi made me lead us back to my apartment and luckily I was fairly adept at it! No problems! So, I’m sitting here, my feet hurt, I’m slightly worried because the extent to which I’ve conversed with my flatmate has pretty much been “Hallo… Tchus… Oh, ja, ich heisse Corrie… Tchus…. Hallo…” … So yeah, I really wish my german was better so I could understand him better and we could actually converse, because we’re going to be spending five months living together!

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