1. [09.04.2010 3:52AM] Heathrow is large, in charge, expensive and made me hunger…

    Here I am in Heathrow, this place is HUGE! It’s at least three times bigger than the whole downtown city-block area of Paducah, and it’s JUST an airport! Oh my god! I’m also convinced that England is summarily populated by extremely tall white men and gaggles of muslim women and child… With the occasional east asian thrown in for variety’s sake.

    It’s almost time for my Vienna flight, or at least going to the gate for it, which is nice. I’m done with planes, I disliked the first one, liked the second… But I’m ready to be done with security check points and pulling my carry-on everywhere. I’m also ready to stop seeing 2 pound items and immediately mentally transforming that into $4 and wincing… Then remembering the Euro is much kinder to the dollar, last time I checked.

    The food court at Heathrow is amazing, is puts most mall food courts to shame. There’s a sushi place to my immediate right that has a revolving sushi tread, theres a starbucks across from me (of course), but then.. Heathrow has things that I just kind of boggle at… Like a Versace store, duty free, guaranteed 20.20 pounds off retail… And that still gives me that gut feeling of “Oh my god, so much money!”

    Well, it’s time to go hike to my gate, which a sign says to allot 10-20 minutes to walk to…. Oh joy.

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