1. [09.03.2010 9:30PM] In which I sit, observe, get nervous, get annoyed to no end, realize how cold it is at 36,000ft and pass through Newfoundland in less than an hour…

    So I was sitting in the terminal, waiting for my flight and I look out and see people on the ground, three of them, standing in a triangle under the wing of my plane. I saw their hands moving and it took a second to figure out what they were doing: Rock, Paper, Scissors! CAn you believe it? I don’t know what they were trying to decide, but they best 2 of 3’d and I saw two of the men laugh and pt the third on the shoulders, clearly he had lost.

    That makes me think about earlier in the day actually, thinking about being in the terminal. See, previously, I had come up to Louisville on Thursday morning and was going to leave that afternoon (don’t get me started on THAT trip, though I did mostly just sleep the whole way.) Well, I checked in and everything and waited by the security point with my parents, we were about 3 hours early. After a little bit, as anal as my family and I are about details, we checked the flight status. Turns out that it was running an hour behind. Well, I only had an hour in between my flight to chicago and my flight to the U.K.! This made us all three panic (my mother, father and I) so we booked it back to the ticket counter and expressed our concerns.

    "You leave at 4:30, you’ll get there at 4:30." 

    That’s all we were told by the woman. It didn’t make sense to us in the least, and she wouldn’t elaborate, expecting us to somehow get some hidden meaning in there or something! Well, she didn’t seem concerned and assured us that I’d make my second flight, so, uneasy at the situation, we returned to the “food area” (A pizza Hut Express, a Burger King and a Starbucks, WOAH BOY!). I got a coffee and my mother kept bugging me about getting up and standing in line, as even though it was 2 hours before my flight “You don’t know how long the security will take!” After rolling my eyes many times and finishing my coffee, we stood and began our goodbyes. It’s the first time I’m going to be so far from home and mom was taking it hard, a bit unwilling to release me from her hug. 

    WELL! At about that time, right as we were parting, my phone rang. I told them to hang on and I picked up. Turns out it was Orbitz, telling me my flight had been delayed by another hour! Well this, we were sure, WOULD interrupt my flight (I didn’t mention it earlier, but the first ticket woman was taking into account the time difference between Louisville and Chicago, hence “You leave at 4:30, you arrive at 4:30.. Would have been nice to have it explained better… But oh well.)

    We made our way up to the ticket counter and discovered (with the help of a much more friendly and helpful ticket woman) that it would destroy my flight plans. This is getting a little long so I’ll give a brief overview of the following several hours. The woman rescheduled me for a flight on Friday, the next day, that left earlier in the morning, but from chicago on would follow the same schedule. I had to email my friend in Austria who is picking me up in Vienna and hope he got the news. I stayed over night with my friend David and got to see lots of people! I found out a lot more people were sad to see me go than I had originally thought! Yay/Aw!

    Well, I’m on the plane right now, we’re passing over Newfoundland (Oh wow! Already loooooooong way from home!) and I was looking at the flight info (which is conviently a channel on the little tv in the back of the persons seat in front of me, cool!) and I glanced at the temperature outside. -56 degree fahrenheit! OH my god! That took me by such a shock, I mean, we’re at 36,000 feet, so of course it’s going to be cooler… But my god, I didn’t think it would be that freezing! Well, errr, that BELOW freezing! 

    I’m also much more at ease on this flight, being my second, and more importantly, a bigger plane. This plane doesn’t feel every little bump and wiggle in the wind like the smaller one (16 rows of 3 people each, so max 48, though not all seats were full.) thank god! And I think a bigger contribution to my at ease was the fact that I do not have a window seat on this flight, I’m on the outside column, so I don’t (or can’t, sadly) see the sights below me. I would have liked to have taken some pictures to go along with this post, but at the same time, that would’ve made me think about how high I was! Dear lord!

    We should arive in a few hours, I just got done watching the latest Shrek movie and now I’m torn between watching the new Karate Kid or Ironman 2 (Ironman wins of course, but I’m sad they come on at the same time!)

    Well, that’s all that was on my mind at the time, this post will be time stamped with the time and date that I wrote this, not necessarily at the time it was posted! 

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