1. [8/11/2010] Exploring the website for the dorm I’ll be living in

    "The yellow door on the left side you granted safe access to the realm of fetuses …"

    Yes, an obvious error on the part of whoever submitted a translation for that page… But seriously. This is what I’m getting into!

    I’m looking forward to living there, meeting the many people I’ll be living with and just in general exploring the city and my surroundings!

    Also, that was a part of the instructions for getting to what the page referred to as a “Party Bunker”… which is in the basement of another building…

    This place is going to be interesting.

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  2. [8/7/2010] Before I go…

    So I went ahead and set up a travel blog just for fun. I leave in about three weeks and in the past few days I’ve gotten stressed about it. Not that I’m having second thoughts, which I’ve had to express to my parents several times while venting, but it’s just such a big thing to me. The furthest I’ve ever been away from home was New Orleans and that was only for a weekend-ish deal.

    I’m not nervous about going over there, I’m just uneasy about how I’ll handle things. I get stressed out easy and I just don’t want to get over my head. Combine that with having to work out the details of my financial aid (which seems to get more difficult every year) and the fact that I’m anxiously waiting to see if I have to mail anything more in for my visa (it seems anytime I mail something important in like my passport and such I ALWAYS have to mail secondary items in x.x).

    Well, this will be my blog. I’ll try to update it frequently and upload pics whenever I take them. If you’re reading this, well, thanks, and I hope over the next few months you’ll find my experiences and thoughts thereon interesting, entertaining and/or thought-provoking.

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